Skywatch Friday

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Last weekend we visited Point Lowly near Whyalla in South Australia. This is the beginning (or end) of the Freycinet Trail that winds along the coastline north of Whyalla. We drove along the trail and finally stopped at Backy Point. While we were stopped there, we were commenting about how sunny it was where we were, but there was some very heavy rain all around us. This photo was taken at Backy Point looking back towards Point Lowly. The rain was heavy enough to block out our view of the land, (you can see land on both sides of the rain), and yet the sun was streaming through the cloud in the same place that it was raining. I haven’t altered the colouration on this photo – everything was just so blue!! Enjoy.

PS: Thanks to Wendy for introducing me to Skywatch


16 responses to “Skywatch Friday

  1. The perfect spot and what an amazing view! Happy SWF

  2. Wow. Awesome. How intense is that blue.

  3. nice skywatch Friday photo

  4. Awwww-sum!!! This is really beautiful!

  5. What a gorgeous image. I’ve been on a few camps at Point Lowly. Lovely spot.

  6. Amazing, seeing the land on either side,and that rain cloud with the sun. There must have been a beautiful rainbow in there somewhere. “Pt.Lowly” is such a sad name.

  7. Thanks to Wendy too, so we may see your wonderful pic.

  8. Stunning photo! Must have been breathtaking in real life! Great to see another Aussie playing along! 🙂

  9. How beautiful. It looks like a postcard. Great SWF.

  10. Beautiful sky. thank you for sharing.

  11. Incredible view!! I love the lighting and the blues. And I also love your blog name!

  12. what an amazing view — SO beautiful!

  13. The water seems to go on forever- beautiful photo.

  14. Great SWF picture and I love the Gnome header! I love Gnomes 😀

  15. This pic definitely glows with amazing blues! Beautiful!

  16. You took that pic? Gorgeous, stunning, beautiful and all those other words.

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