Weekend Wrap-up

Some people will go to any lengths to get out of going to work. I went to work Friday night, still valiantly trying to cough up that lung that is giving me so much bother. Came home Saturday morning, and the husband has decided to take the kids out for the day to give me a chance to sleep. Good plan, except that I couldn’t sleep. As the day progressed, it was even getting hard to cough and by late afternoon, I’d had enough. So, I trotted up to the hospital to see if I could maybe get to suck on some Ventolin for a while.  They got all excited and started shoving monitors and things on me and three people listening to my chest all at once. Then the doctor turns up and starts talking to nurses in a hushed voice. And then they wouldn’t let me go home.

Then a nurse turns up with my new best friend. Prednisolone. Lots of Prendnisolone. The doctor comes in and goes on about lungs that have closed up, and needing to be monitored, and there will be definitely no going to work tonight. So I get shifted to the room closest to the nurses station and get plugged into the oxygen and the monitors and lie there trying to not act like a patient, because dammit, I AM NOT SICK. It’s just a bit of a cough. Then the Prednisolone started to kick in. I could breathe (sort of) and then I realised just how hard I had been working just to provide my body with oxygen. I suddenly felt very tired.

Then I remembered that my family is probably home by now and have no idea where I am. So I make some phone calls. Pajamas were brought in and kids (still stinky form a day of hiking through scrub) gave me worried looks.

Next morning, I felt the best I had done in over a week. Doctor still wasn’t impressed and wanted me to stay for the rest of the day. More Prednisolone was brought in and I was allowed out of bed encouraged to walk around. So I spent the day watching crap tv and playing Sudoku on my phone. Finally, they let me go home just in time to cook tea.

So even though I was at my workplace, not a lot of work was done (by me at least). So, how was your weekend?

5 responses to “Weekend Wrap-up

  1. That prednisolone is wonderful stuff isn’t ? I hope you are well and truly on the mend now.

  2. wow beats anything i did on the weekend! lol to u and your lungs…ps starte my comp diet today, hardest thing is the coffee as we can’t have sugar or milk; thinking about it the hardest thing is imagining being about 7% body fat

  3. Seriously, you win. I couldn’t beat that.


  4. Naomi – I do like to come and comment as time allows (you wouldn’t believe the number of blogs I try to read on a regular basis). Just wondering if you could put your feed to full – otherwise when I’m short on time, I miss what you have to say.

  5. thismechanican

    I used to have it set to full, then I changed it to just a preview…. now I can’t remember how to change it back 😳
    Any help would be appreciated….

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