Conversations in the Morning

Life was a bit hard this morning. I have been up most of the night trying to cough up a lung without success, so I wasn’t functioning all that well. C6 was also pretty distracted this morning and seemed to think that “Hurry up and eat your breakfast” sounded a lot like “Go and play with your Batman toy” and that “Go and get dressed” sounded a lot like “Time to play with your racing cars”. I tried to help by packing his bag, and then we had this conversation:

Me: C6, where is your water bottle?
C6: What water bottle?
Me: The water bottle you take to school.
C6: Dunno.
Me: Did you leave it at school?
C6: Leave what at school?
C6: I told you, I don’t know where my water bottle is!
(I just happen to look down)
Me: What’s that by your feet?
C6: What feet?
C6: I don’t see anything
(Grabs childs head and points it in the direction of waterbottle)
C6: Hey! It’s my water bottle! Did you put that there?

No wonder so many mothers have nervous breakdowns. Pass the valium, would you. I’m going to have a good lie down.

6 responses to “Conversations in the Morning

  1. hey can i borrow some of that vallium.. i have had one of those mornings too.. dogs got out, fight with dh long distance, a daughter that refuses to listen (takes after he father)… and yes im thinking maybe going back to bed is the best thing for me too.

  2. LMAO that sounds so familiar!!! I have a DS7 and DS5 so can definitely relate. Hope the day improves and your cough eases.

  3. Oh, I’m so glad I’m not the only one with a child like that!!

  4. Nicole, all kids refuse to listen… my fun this morning was dealing with a blocked toilet (” I DIDN’T know that too much toilet paper would block the toilet!” grrrrrrrrrr she doesn’t remember from last time?)

  5. That was a very funny post. I am sorry you had to endure. I on the other hand enjoyed it very much. I can’t stop laughing. My children are all grown up. But one never forgets those days. That is why I can laugh so much.

  6. Ah! The joys of motherhood! Very funny post.

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