The Birds

I went to Whyalla for a meeting yesterday. This means that I have to travel through Iron Knob.  A once thriving community, but now little more than a ghost town. There are a few people still living there and there is a pub, but not much else. There is a sign in Iron Knob, warning people of Emus crossing the road. Never seen them. I thought it was a bit of a joke until yesterday, when I saw these guys on the side of the road.

They look pretty young. Altogether, there were 5 of them in the area. The best thing about Emus is that the female lays the eggs and then nicks off and leaves the babies to the males…

A bit further down the road there were some Wedge Tailed Eagles riding the thermals and then there were these two, just taking their time…

And then they were gone.



2 responses to “The Birds

  1. great photos!

    The emus are beautiful, they also like to wander the streets of Woomera- even knocking on front doors!

  2. Iron Knob. Bwaaaa haaaa haaaaa!

    You know I have never ever seen an Emu?

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