Full of Sh!t (or not)

When I was in year 11 at school, my class tried to play a joke on our (thank heavens) extremely good natured teacher. We found out when his birthday was. We found a cow pat. We covered it in plaster of paris (to keep the smell in) then we iced it. Then we presented it to him for his birthday. We all sang happy birthday to him and then he broke the knife on the plaster trying to cut the cake. Oh well. I mean, he was only a teacher and all, so he’d never expect any of his 15 and 16 year old (predominantly male) students to play a joke on him…. Nah.:roll: Never.

So when I was channel surfing this afternoon and heard Whoopi Goldberg espousing the merits of a Diaper Cake I was more than intrigued. Turns out that plaster of paris is not required, and that they are all the rage for baby showers etc. Have I been living under a gigantic rock? Why have I not seen these before? An extensive range can be found here, (Yes, I’ll just wait here until you come back). Cool huh? Or did you know about these and not tell me. If so, why not?

3 responses to “Full of Sh!t (or not)

  1. Cos I didn’t know you were in need of diapers yet!!!! 🙂 I’ve seen “diaper” bouquets too.

  2. Wow that’s a big rock, but you can cook right so you’re half way there.

  3. They are awesome. I have seen them before AND made one!

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