Weird shit to do in Singapore (Part Deux)

On Wednesday we took a ride on the Singapore Flyer (think London Eye but bigger). We had booked for a sunset ride and had arrived early because we had been warned about the large crowds.

There were no crowds and we had plenty of time to spare – so we went off to the Kenko spa  where some little Garra Rufa (Doctor Fish) ate the dead flesh off our feet.

The first few minutes raised an eleventybillion on my weirdness meter. From the second I put my feet in the water, hundreds of the little biters were attacking my feet. It felt like a really severe case of pins and needles. We had paid for 15 minutes and I was sure that I wouldn’t be able to last that long. I kept flicking the fish away – they didn’t hurt, I’m just really ticklish. Once I got used to it though, it was remarkably pleasant. We had been walking for about 6 hours and after just 15 minutes, I was ready to go again! Our feet felt refreshed and you could see where the fish had ripped shreds nibbled our feet. The man was so impressed he was trying to rearrange our schedule so that we could have another treatment!

Definitely a must do when you head to Singapore!

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