WHAT kind of Soup?

I figured that before I get onto the boring tourist type blog of my journey around Singapore, I would thrill you with some of the more bizarre things that I saw / did while there.

We were on our way home from Sentosa Island and we hadn’t eaten any real food since breakfast. We went to the food court in VivoCity (the biggest food court that I had ever seen. Even with all the food that was on offer, we eventually chickened out and ended up getting Burger King). Anyway, while doing the rounds of the food court, I came upon this classy establishment.

That’s right people – it says Pig’s Organ Soup.  I checked out the menu to see if it would give a clue as to which organ. They list such delights as

* Pigs Liver and Kidney Soup
* Pigs Stomach Soup
* Braised Pigs Trotter
* Pigs Ball Soup as well as
* Pig’s Organ Soup.

The pictures on the menu offer no hints as to which bit of the pig is in the soup. I’ll leave that to your imagination.

This post was especially for Magnetoboldtoo who seems to appreciate these type of things. I hope it cheered you up and made you wee just a bit…..


2 responses to “WHAT kind of Soup?

  1. Blergh!!! I hope you didn’t think too carefully about what might have been put in the Burger King food!!!

  2. Oh *vomit* did I mention I have a weak stomach?

    I have a post in draft that you just reminded me about…

    (sorry it took me so long to come over!)

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