Wet Wet Wet

Night Life 2

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The weather wasn’t very kind to us today. As we left the hotel this morning, it started raining. I thought that I’d seen rain before – I did live in Queensland as a child – but this was spectacularly wet rain. We have decided that the Singaporeans must be waterproof. Here we were drenched to the skin, despite umbrellas, and they were just wandering about seemingly dry. The rain let up several hours later – sometime after lunch, but by then the damage had been done and my sandshoes were squelching with wetness and our clothes were sticking to us in all kinds of places. At least you don’t get cold when you are wet in Singapore.

After circling the block a couple of times in the pouring rain, we finally found Raffles Hotel. The man had a local Tiger Beer and I woosed out and had a Virgin Sling. It is really beautiful – but watch the hip pocket. The bill for those 2 drinks was nearly $35. But the atmosphere was good and we got to dry off a little.

Since it was still raining, we headed indoors to the shopping centres. We did manage to get most of our shopping done despite the traders and hawkers distracting us by physically dragging us into their shops to try and sell us something. After a while we developed a “don’t make eye contact” rule, but I felt so rude – they are only trying to make a buck.

In the evening, we headed down to Marina Bay to catch the Singapore Flyer. At 165m, it is 30m taller than the London Eye. This was one of the photos that I took from top, pretty isnt it? The views were pretty spectacular.

It appears that I am having problems uploading my photos to Flickr, so those of you who are waiting for the pics will have to wait a bit longer.

One response to “Wet Wet Wet

  1. auntycarryn

    Rain never heard of it! 21C with a slight breeze here. You have us on the shopping though…

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