It’s getting hot and sweaty

Monday night we flew into Singapore!! Yes we are here to celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary. I had been warned about the heat and humidity, and thought that I would cope, but I didn’t (well not very well). My hairs taken on a life of it’s own, I’ve developed a heat rash and after spending almost 12 hours walking around the Singapore Zoo and night safari, I also have 4 very large blisters on my feet. But hey, it’s still all good fun!!! Hubby on the other hand is as cool and collected as ever.

Sorry that there’s no photos, but I really want to go SHOPPING so I can’t possibly find the time.

Our hotel is great.  (Thanks Bonnie!). We get executive club membership – which means free buffet breakfast every day at which we eat like pigs make full use of, but we are yet to make use of the free bar in the evenings.

The credit card is getting jumpy now – so I’d better take it for a walk. See you soon.


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