Whatcha cookin?

Pumpkin Soup!

I never cook pumpkin soup from scratch anymore. I cheat – well just a bit. The problem with pumpkins (I prefer Queensland Blue) is that they are usually really big – and then you are eating soup for a month. Or you can freeze it and end up with a freezer full of soup.

I, on the other hand, just freeze the pumpkin. I boil it, strain it and mash it, then I freeze it in 2 cup portions. When we need soup, I fry up a rasher of chopped bacon, then add the pumpkin and 1 cup water and 1 teaspoon chicken stock powder. If you were really good, you could make your own stock (like Lightening does) but hey – this is for when you need soup in a hurry.

My soup is going to netball tomorrow – so come and get it! (for $2 a cup)

One response to “Whatcha cookin?

  1. I never thought of doing it that way! Awesome. I bow to your awesomeness in the kitchen…

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