Old Shoes, New Shoes

My dear son C6, has a pair of sandshoes. He wears them everywhere. He loves them to bits. They have stretched themselves to accomodate his growing feet. I think they have to go…..

Old Shoes

 He doesn’t want a new pair of shoes because he likes these shoes. So when I went shopping I found these in Spendless Shoes. The flashing lights in the heels even work!

New Shoes

Think he’ll like them?


2 responses to “Old Shoes, New Shoes

  1. harrietarcher

    NO WAY!!!

    They’re not the saaaaaaaaame, mum!

    (bet he does, though!)

    Jodi in Vic

  2. thismechanican

    Congratulations Jodi. You are the first official commenter (is that a word?) for my blog. Please indulge in the cypber timtam cheesecake that I am sending you …… now!

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