I don’t like making pavlova. They never seem to turn out quite right. But H8 was desperate to make “that dessert we had and that party. The one that was all white and crunchy on the outside and marshmallowy on the inside”.
I know the rules, bowl must be glass or steel and perfectly clean, eggs should be fresh, one drop of yolk and you need to throw it out, add sugar only a little bit at a time, cook it slow. But the real secret to a perfect pav is patience. Just when you think you’ve beaten it enough – you should probably beat it some more. Like I said, I know the rules, but I never follow them and hence my pavs are usually crap.
I told H8 the rules and she was amazingly patient. She beat it for over 30 minutes. She cooked it in an oven slower than I would use. She let it cool in the oven for hours.
After tea, she spread it with cream, C5 sprinkled it with chocolate and H8 decorated with chocolate dipped strawberries.

As you can see, the results are pretty good! (And it tasted good too!). Hmm, the photo is long gone. Seems it didn’t import when I imported my old blogs from Yahoo. Boo hoo

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