Tinker tailor soldier sailor…


Todays photo: The gorgeous Cleo the Camel from Werribee Zoo

Todays link: My kid’s godfathers are both Weird Al fans, and I am a Donny Osmond fan. So when I saw this I couldn’t help but show the world

Todays entry:
I have spent a good part of the last week at “HotMilk” the Australian Breastfeeding Association National Conference, and listened to some extremely interesting speakers. There was one speaker, Liz Crowe, who really caught my attention. I was a bit like the lovable Cleo at the top of the page who was having a bit of a relaxing time and then someone does something to drag me back form my comfort zone.
Have you ever been listening to a speaker, with polite interest, when suddenly they say something that makes time stop marching forward, just to give you a chance to really absorb what was said?
This is what Liz said (kinda, sorta, inna nutshell) – she is quoting an older aunt:

“Yes it was easier being a mother in my day. We had the milk, bread, fruit & veg, meat etc all home delivered and they didn’t charge more. If I didn’t have the money they would book it down. If I didn’t answer the door perfectly dressed and groomed, it didn’t matter – neither did anyone else. The kids went off and played in the street with other kids. They were expected to make and provide their own entertainment. And if one of the kids wasn’t doing well in school, then we just figured he was dumb and would have to get a trade!”

Woah!! What was that again? I have heard very similar words come out of my mouth. “Not everyone can be a genius, tradesmen are really important to society” but in that glib kind of – “but not in my household” – way. But maybe that is what will happen in my house.

DD isn’t genius material, but without having to try too hard, she manages to be smarter than the average kid. DS is struggling with school and I have been beating myself up, believing that it must be in some way my fault, or that it is reflecting badly on me.

I want DS to do his very best at school, I want him to do the best he can. And maybe, just maybe, he will be a really good mechanic / butcher / farmhand and be really really happy.

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