I’m not in love with my hairdresser, personally, I think she’s pretty average, but my business partner DOES love her, and sometimes we can actually schedule a meeting together while getting our hair done. Cool, huh? That’s what women are good at, multi-tasking. I changed hairdressers recently because of this, (plus my old one was getting expensive).

Anyway, today the lovely girl inspects my head and says “So, what sort of colour are you after today? Something to cover the grey?”


“No”, I reply indignantly. “Something to lighten it a bit, I’m a bit bored with dark brown hair over summer.”

“But you want to hide the grey, right?”

“I guess it doesn’t matter, I’ve only got a few.” (Seven actually, I count them) “And considering that I’m pushing 40, I reckon that’s pretty good!”

At this point the hairdresser changes the subject, I pick out a colour (a sort of chestnutty reddy kind of colour – turned out quite nice really).

Soon, she’s attacking H8’s hair while my colour develops. H8 mentions that next week we are going to the city so she can do a modelling course. And the reply? “Your mum will soon get tired of that, you might have to find a different hobby.”

I’m sorry, but somewhere along the line, I had always thought that hairdressers were meant to make you fell good about yourself. They master the art early on of smoothing and preening the ego.

Anyway, maybe I might have to go back to my old hairdresser. She might be more expensive, she might not have a spare plug for me to put my battery fading laptop into next time I’m having a business meeting, but goddammit, she knows how to make you feel good. Any suggestions on how to go crawling back without getting an “I told you so” would be appreciated.

Speaking of chestnutty…….
The latest schoolyard rhyme (which is probably as old as the hills but I’ve never heard it) goes like this (point to the appropriate body parts)
nut (point to head)
love (cross arms across chest)
him (blow kiss)

I don’t know who Tony Chestnut is, but I think he should know that a whole heap of 8 year old girls love him

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