Todays photo: Cuddlee Creek, South Australia

Todays link: Dora is quite the Explorer. She brings many hours of fun. Good for both girls and boys….. not quite the toy I’d buy for my daughter…..

 Todays entry:

Whiplash”: An injury to the spine caused by an abrupt jerking motion, either backward, forward or from the side..

My daughter (H8) has Whiplash. Not caused from a motor vehicle accident. Not caused by a roller coaster. She gave it to herself (with a bit of help from me)

Today, she is home recovering from the lurgy that seems to be plaguing every child within a 100km radius (or brewing up some chickenpox, I am yet to find out). But she’s not dying. Even so, every little request seemed to be met with the same response – a firm and resounding NO! “Why not?” I ask… The response is always the same “Don’t feel like it”

Well, lunchtime rolled around. “Mum, I’m hungry. Can you get me lunch?” I seized my opportunity. “NO!”

 Her neck twisted and her little head swung so fast it nearly spun her head off in an amazing display of one of Newtons First Law of Motion.  (The one about a body in motion remaining in motion). “What!!!! Why not????” said she with rising panic in her voice.

It was then that I said with a grin, as I sat my behind on the lounge chair. “Don’t feel like it.” Pick up magazine, start crossword…. I can hear the hyperventilating…..

“What do you mean you don’t feel like it” (the poor child is really having a hard time grasping this concept)

“That’s what I mean. I don’t feel like cooking lunch today” (The hyperventilating has stopped but so has the breathing. Apparently the poor sausage can’t do complex brain work and breathe at the same time) “But Muuuuuuuuum! We’ll starve!!!” (Carefully side step a perfect opportunity to  go into detail about the poor children in Ethiopia – I don’t think her brain could cope) “Nah, doubt it. Anyway, you know how to make a sandwich. I’m sure you’ll get by”

Well, 3 hours later, she still hasn’t eaten, but she’s not complaining either. There is still a look of confusion about her. I’m sure she’s worried that she’s going to have to put up with her father’s cooking at tea-time, but that’s another adventure.


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