Our deepest fears

Todays photo: Lobethal, South Australia

Todays link: Pause for thought

Todays entry:

Weltschmerz“: the psychological pain caused by the sadness that occurs when one realises the cruelty of the world.

A woman resides in a nursing home for many years. She never receives visitors or phone calls. No Christmas or Birthday cards. She has dementia and is a ward of the state because she has no family to take responsibility for her. Her nurses care for her and they love her. They laugh with her, they walk with her and they cry with her.
They are with her when she dies. Peacefully in her sleep. Finally leaving the world that has been so cruel to this woman. The nurses cry at her death and smile at her life. They know nothing of her life before she entered the nursing home. 
They make up stories about her life. Was she a mum? Was she a traveller? Most agreed that she lived life to the full. You could see it in every craggy line on her face. Most agreed that she was probably the elderly spinster aunt that goes to family parties, drinks too much and ends up dancing on the tables and pinching young mens bottoms.  Fun, harmless and probably embarsassing, just like spinster aunts all over the world.
But, as we were to find out, this woman had 8 children. Count them. E-I-G-H-T. They (the guardianship board) found them after she died. All of them. All 8 of them. How can a woman who had 8 children be abandoned by all of them? Was she too much of a good time girl? Did she drink too much and abuse the children? Did she abandon them when they were young? What had she done that made her 8 children ignore her existence until she existed no more? Or did they just not care?
I don’t know. I don’t think that I’ll ever know. But she’s gone now. And I have been priveleged to know such a beautiful lady, that was so full of life and love.  And that maybe, just maybe, her children will forgive her.
Good bye Poppet.

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