First day bliss

Todays photo was taken just south of Streaky Bay, and is titled “The end of the World”

Today is a day of rejoicing. H7 has gone back to school today. The constant fighting and bickering has stopped. And it just keeps getting better. Tomorrow C4 starts Kindy. I will now have Tuesday morning Thursday morning and ALL DAY WEDNESDAY without the kids. I can’t believe that 2 years ago when H7 started school that I spent most of the day crying. What a difference 2 years makes!!

I just thought of something. Isn’t C4 a type of explosive? Well that’s my boy, some type of incendiary device. Good luck kindy teacher.

My web pick of the day is the very kitsch “Hooked on a Feeling” . It is so sad that it is both good and bad at the same time. Made me laugh anyway. If you’ve only got dialup, it might take a while to load, so give it time – it will be worth it.

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